This morning we are proud to debut the video for the stunning "Ghosts of Detroit" from Fancy Werewolves. The video is a visual love song to Detroit, a majority of the footage containing a steady shot of female lead singer, Katie Whitecar, riding around the city in the back of a pick-up truck. The other stars are the humans of Detroit, a subtle attempt to salvage the humanity of the city from the world of post-1970s economics, from rumored and real bankruptcies. Like the surging chorus of "Ghosts of Detroit", still one of the best unsigned rock songs of the past year, there is triumph and beauty here instead of blight. We can smile, laugh, think our deep thoughts under Midwestern skies, even if the world is falling down around us. As Whitecar sings, "We'll be like ghosts running, scared of nothing, flying through the empty streets," presenting the listener with all the things that have been lost here and all the promise that remains.



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Fancy Werewolves :: "Ghosts of Detroit"

An opening drum-guitar mixture that recalls Radiohead's "Creep" and a male vocal that took its graduate work at the Matt Berninger School of Moral Victories, Fancy Werewolves unleash one of the best unsigned rock songs of 2013 on "Ghosts of Detroit". Male and female vocals intertwine in figure eights, a nighttime slow-drive through the blighted afterglow of an American wasteland. Inspired by the on-going beauty and tragedy of the titular city, "Detroit", the band urges us to "Shut up, get in", to join them for a drive downtown, a lyric fecund for its brutality if nothing else. The arrangement swells and washes on the chorus, a Gothic architecture, soaring, austere and dark. Put simply: you won't hear a better rock song from a band you haven't heard of yet in 2013, a stunning and promising debut from the wilds of post-industrial modernity.

Shot this at Theatre Bizarre in Detroit. It's a pretty amazing party! I would highly recommend your attendance next year. 

Watch the Un-Censored version here:


Over the past few months, we spent about a week filming in all of the little nooks and crannies of the city for a song on the Halloween Album we just completed called: "Ghosts of Detroit". Although I have already spent a ton of time there, it was really interesting to get to know it so intimately. Detroit is VERY ALIVE despite what the perceptions of some seem to be. The city is teeming with creative energy taking form in all kinds of interesting ways. It's like a gigantic blank canvas just ready to be painted on. I encourage anybody to just take some time and get lost. 

You might notice a few stunning human additions in this picture. These would be Katie and Tom. Katie is an amazing singer, and Tom is a very creative percussionist. We have been preparing the live show, and it has been really great to work with these two. 

Adding Katie's smooth warm female vocals has brought a totally new direction to the music and it has been super fun. Tom is basically on another level, so working with him has been stimulating, and you will hear in the future a more percussion driven sound. 

Thanks for taking the time to read these blurbs.. I will have a free .mp3 download of something from the album next week if you are on the mailing list. 

When Neil Armstrong died not too long ago, I had a pretty sincere moment of reflection. Typically I do not pay attention to celebrity deaths... things of that nature, but this one was different. I thought about that guy, what he was able to do, the courage it took, and how the country was behind him. He was the last true American Hero.

I wrote and recorded this song in about 30 minutes on that day. Hopefully you like it. 

Recently I had an all time snowboarding day riding an abandoned Northern Michigan ski resort with Corey Mac, Matty V, and Carlos. I wrote this song (fellow Rover) based on a Whitman poem about his love for Sailing... it totally applies to my love for snowboarding. 

Abandoned Michigan Ski Resort Pow Day to Fancy Werewolves from Fancy Werewolves on Vimeo.

 This doesn't work from phones... must use real computer. 

After finishing the mixing at Al Sutton's Studio in Detroit, and mastering at Sterling in New York its time to release the "Fancy Werewolves EP". Its officially uploaded to the internets, just has not been approved by the magic approval person that exists somewhere. I expect that to change here this week, and you will be able to order it right here. 

Please please please sign up for the email list over there on the left side of the page. I promise not to send you bullshit. Just stuff that is useful if you like our music. You will be the first to know when it is available for download, and other cool stuff too. 

Please stay tuned, download the upcoming "Fancy Werewolves EP" , and look for even more music here in a few months. I have been working on some seriously awesome stuff, and Mike has too. 

Also I have been working with Aaron Word and Aaron Greer to produce some pretty awesome videos. The first one will be out soon, and is seriously entertaining. 

Also the extremely talented Tim Scott made this incredible painting for our ep. 


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